Our crew

The Box is owned by Harry from The Netherlands. He has been on GC for many years and really knows how to run a bar. Right from the start The Box became better and busier every year with more and more guys finding their way to his bar. Lots of new and returning customers, many of them becoming friends of the crew. Together with his crew Harry has only one goal: making your visit to Gran Canaria and The Box the best you ever had and make you want to come back to The Box soon and often! Harry speaks Dutch, German, English and Spanish.

But let’s talk about the hotties that help Harry in making The Box such a great bar. His international crew is formed by Lee from the UK, Mark from Ireland and Cristian from Italy. Harry and his guys will serve all your drinks, can give you information en keep the bar and place going at all times, seven days a week. Whether you speak English, Dutch, Spanish or German, this crew can help you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Harry the proud owner outside The Box


Meet Lee our hot barman


And meet Mark, our other hottie behind the bar


Cristian, our hottie at the door

Our crew

Lee, Harry, Mark and Cristian, our fantastic crew