Where can you find us

The Yumbo is one of the greatest and most well-known shopping and leisure centers on the island of Gran Canaria. More than 200 shops, pubs and bars, service and trade companies as well as the many small stands of the “travelling hawkers” create an international atmosphere. All over the year the Yumbo not only presents numerous small attractions, but also big events like the famous Carnival of Maspalomas, FetishPride and GayPride. The four-storeyed Yumbo is built in a rectangular shape around the main area and the spacious park which is the central point of the Yumbo and invites many people to have a walk, stroll along or parade in their gear!

The Box is located on the second floor. Look up when you stand in front of Wunderbar if you have a walk on the ground floor. There it is! The best place to have a beer or your favourite drink and meet great people from all over the world.

On the maps below you can see where you can find The Yumbo Center and The Box. See ya soon!

The Yumbo Center

Use Google maps to get to the Yumbo Center in Playa del Ingles, or just ask you cab driver!

The exact location

After you reached the Yumbo Center you can use the map below to find the exact location of The Box.